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I’m 36 and originally from the East Coast of the United States – Boston, MA. Now I live in the Mid-West part of the country – Phoenix, AZ! What a difference! It seems like most people in Arizona aren’t originally from here, lol! The sun shines 99% of the time here. AZ is a huge state, “land of opportunity” I call it!

And by the way, I designed and made the fashion dress I am wearing in this picture. πŸ˜›

Fashion Design and Sewing are My Therapy. It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH from the time I arrive at the fabric shop, til the time I get back home and cut out patterns to create something new and distinctive.Β 

I remember at the age of 18, 19 me sketching diagrams of fashion merchandise… Shoes, clothes, boots and costume jewelry. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. In my mind and creative eye, there are hundreds of brand new clothes designs that could be inventedΒ  just from fabrics in stores.

DesignerAfi - Green Army Fatigue Dress - Diamondfire Apparel

When you get fabrics ordered online, it opens the vortex of designs even more because there’s much more fabric online than in stores. I get so excited that I can look at a particular material and say, “that’s a column dress design.” Or “that’s part of a dressy jumpsuit design.” I work well with laces, fishnets, sequins, patterns, prints, solids, furs, leathers, knits, stretches and non-stretches, prints and patterns. I CAN HELP!Β If I’m left in a room of fashion fabrics, I will create many designs, guaranteed!